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What is Osteopathy


Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT) is a gentle, non-invasive therapeutic experience. Body structures are treated collectively to free blocked circulatory channels that challenge health.

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Structural Blockage


How the body embodies dis-ease

By dis-ease we mean, not at ease. This broadens our understanding of wellness and allows us to discuss any and all complaints under one collective umbrella. In Osteopathic terms, dis-ease in any particular area of the body simply stems from its loss of functionality due to starved flow. A variety of physiological symptoms and/or body mechanical issues can offshoot from here; all are seen as resultant expressions; effect, not cause.

Dis-ease Simplified

Any complaint you experience follows this cascade:

1. Blockage – this is the source of your problem(s), regardless of the original cause.

2. Impeded flow – your blockage is impeding optimal flow.

3. Altered function – reduced flow impedes body function.

We work to restore flow, dissolve these blocks, and bring body function back.


The Osteopath has his own symptomatology. He seeks the cause, removes the obstruction, and lets Nature’s remedy – arterial blood – be the doctor.

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

How an Osteopathic healing process works


Bringing you into-ease










The first step is the place from which we work – a relaxed nervous system is THE essential ingredient that activates your internal healing zone. We need to set our compass towards this state of rest and repair in order to enact effective change.

Step two and three are realized through your body’s intelligence – open flow delivers self-healing and self-regulating remedies to where they are needed.

This process will be gradual – persistent application yields steady results overtime. We are moving towards your desired state of being and teaching you how to maintain it – a sensible, sustainable zone of wellness will always be a continuous pursuit.

Can Osteopathy Way help me?


Osteopathy Way has the potential to improve the condition of any case. It tends to be a place for those who have not found remedy elsewhere.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy can play various roles depending on the context of the situation. Certain influencing factors determine its effect as either corrective, preventative, and/or palliative.

Influencing Factors

1. Timeline of intervention: How rooted or established is the blockage; earlier stage or later stage?

2. Competing involvements: The stress test aims to gauge this.

3. Supportive involvements: Can YOU & I sufficiently tip the scale in the desired direction?

ME = OMT at appropriate dose

YOU = consistent implementation of self-care practices

Treatment Roles

  • Corrective: Your osteo-goals actively embrace the process of unwinding damage from past events ie. injury, surgery, disease, prolonged stress, etc.
  • Preventative: Your osteo-goals involve keeping your weak links in a functional range; this reduces their potential for expression.
  • Palliative: Your osteo-goals are to off-set damage from continual involvement in demanding activities ie. athletics, fitness, repetitive strain etc.

Meet Your Osteopath

Hillary Kantorovich

Innately passionate, I feel it’s worth presenting what drives my therapeutic solutions. And it started early in life – personal physical discord inspired me to find sustainable ways to feel healthy. Unsatisfied with the commonly prescribed treatment options at the time, my quest for an increased understanding of body function took form.

Being one of inquisitive, reflective, and tenacious nature, what consistently fueled my course of study was a deep-seated curiosity about the fundamentals of how and why things work. Diversity in education and career positively informs my work today. In principle and practice I have learned that tending to one’s self is an on-going commitment – wellness is a state of being, not a conquered destination.

In knowing that cultivating well-being will forever be a long game endeavour, consistency will always win over complexity. For this reason, my personal mission has been to format a course of care that is simple, practical and effective in nature. A path that affords the greatest compensation for your efforts. I look forward to sharing my life-long work with you!



My study and experience in the field of wellness has been a steady process of focus and refinement. The manner in which I practice Osteopathy, and the methods I employ to support its objectives, is the result of that process.

In particular, my approach to therapy has been inspired by cases that have not found desired resolution elsewhere. The methodologies employed are cohesive in their aim to favourably appeal to the nervous system – the basis from which we operate.

If wellness is the point, and time allows, these are the principles of what this field of endeavour is about. These are my insights, and my work reflects them. I look forward to working with those who resonate with this message and feel their place within it.

My therapeutic role is as a facilitator of health; your body is the master healer.

Principles that govern my methodology

  • Wellness is the body’s natural state of being.
  • A better feeling body follows a better functioning body.
  • Stable, buildable change is allowed, not imposed.

We work together as a team to address what is disrupting your body’s natural tendency towards health.

My personal wish for you is to become empowered with the tools and understanding behind their implementation to keep you on a well and happy life trajectory.

Less is more – the simplest things are often the most profound, as well as the most undervalued in their capacity to provide resolution. I am here to most effectively focus your efforts.

The aim is a body that is organized to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, not through muscular strength, but increased consciousness of how it works.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Working Together


Osteopathy Way supports a collaborative working relationship between patient and manual therapist.

Essentially, we want to maximize the impact of your treatment so that it can achieve its fullest healing potential. Our aim is to increase that which is supportive and to reduce that which is competitive; this is the art and science of allowing a corrective osteopathic process to unfold.


My program is designed with verification and self-awareness in mind. Progressive results must be clearly realized by you in order for this endeavour to prove worthwhile. I aim to clearly define this path of wellness, where the point is not altogether the end goal, but rather the way of getting there.

How my hands help you:

My patients consistently show interest in understanding what guides my hands. Essentially it is a combination of 3 key factors:

1. Anatomy – the body blueprint
2. Clinical experience working with this blueprint
3. Refined skill set of touch and intuition

My treatment style uses subtle adjustive touch to open flow and yield strong healing results.

How you help yourself:

Outside of Osteopathic Manual Treatment, a fundamental part of our work together is about helping you to develop healthy self-care practices. This reduces obstacles to healing and supports a self-sufficient, steady path of resolution.

Self-care prescriptions are practical and effective daily practices that are designed to open flow. Common examples include walking, relaxation strategies, wind-down routines and gentle adjustive movements. More in-depth instruction is available in Functional Movement Therapy (FMT) sessions.

Benefits of Osteopathic Manual Therapy

  • Opens up blocked circulatory channels that challenge health.
  • Aids the body in releasing the accumulation of tension.
  • Allows the body to shift into a state of true rest, repair, restore.
  • A strong means of replenishment – The 4 R’s – re-set, re-fresh, re-energize, re-newel.
  • Frees up movement potential and increases efficiency throughout the body.
  • Increases resiliency and vitality.

Functional Movement Therapy

Building body awareness through motion is the primary objective of Functional Movement Therapy (FMT). Soft and gentle bodyweight routines are performed in a variety of positions - standing, seated and lying down. These specifically designed movements work to sustain the structural openings achieved through OMT, and thus maximize its impact.

Benefits of Functional Movement Therapy

  • Specific instruction caters to your individual movement mechanics.
  • Optimizes Osteopathic treatment results by aiding the body in accepting change.
  • Brings awareness to problematic habitual holding patterns and provides an avenue for correction.
  • Sustainable, adaptable, portable solutions that can travel with you anywhere.
  • Helps to reset a stressed body to a healthier, more balanced state.
  • Settles a busy mind.

How long will my osteo goals take?


Investing in Yourself

Multiple factors influence the outcome of each individual’s case – we can’t speed up the healing process, but we can certainly work to reduce the obstacles that slow it down. Depth of complaint(s), ability to best support this process, and integration time have a collective impact on overall timeline.

Osteopathy Way acknowledges the various contributing factors to overall wellness. Body wellness and life wellness are continuous – our body state mirrors our life state. Learning how to embrace a new state of being is a steady process – we are building a foundation for healing from the inside out.

For us to settle into a sensible, sustainable zone of wellness, a one-year mindset is encouraged; steady results are demonstrated over a certain amount of time and cannot be accurately evaluated in short-time. This avenue of care is an investment in your health that averages $200/month. Treatment frequency is fine-tuned through an on-going subjective-objective assessment process.

Can you give me a better idea of what factors might influence the work involved in my case?

This is what the Stress Test is designed to do. Establishing a starting point helps us to determine the commitment level that is likely required. Learn more about the Stress Test below.

Stress Test


The Stress Test and Investment Forecast to follow are designed to provide insight on what factors influence your case, and what kind of commitment may be required to get you on a path of resolution.

Physiological Load Rating

The stresses of life are unavoidable – how we off-set them defines our personal state of wellness.

We are generally not aware of the many ways that stress can accumulate, nor that the body interprets all stress equally – a stress, is a stress, is a stress! Our body can’t tell the difference between work-relational stress, chronic back pain, self-criticism, acute injury, persistent anxiety or sleepless nights. All forms equally wear and tear; once a threshold is reached, our body starts to push back.

The Stress Test is designed to establish a starting point so that we have a baseline to work from. The aim is not to diagnose, label or judge what’s good or bad, but rather to indicate where your current capacity for healing may tend to lean – what is competing for your resources?

Discover where your stress is at

The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that’s what life is.


Investment Forecast


A focused process of moving from where you are to where you want to be.

Discover your stress level to understand your investment forecast

Phase 1

$400 / Month
  • Preliminary Process
  • averages every week
  • We are getting oriented, building momentum, establishing a therapeutic cycle.

Phase 2

$200 / Month
  • Midst Process
  • averages every 2 weeks
  • We are actively working to unravel your case; the corrective phase.

Phase 3

$100 - $200 / Month
  • Fine-Tune Process
  • averages every 3 weeks
  • Desired resolution has been achieved and we are now exploring what is required to maintain it.*

Phase 4

$100 or less / Month
  • Discharge Process
  • averages every 4+ weeks
  • You are sufficiently equipped with effective tools, the understanding behind them, and the knowledge to discern when/if you need my intervention**

*Like any medicine, dosage matters. Phase 3-4 is a weaning-release process that is systematically executed to reinforce sustainable results.

**If the structural changes that we have achieved together are unsustainable, either sufficient correction has not yet been achieved, or home-care needs review.

Timeline Forecast Formula:

Allow 1 month (minimum) of corrective therapy for every year of your complaint(s). A one-year mindset is encouraged, on average, to receive the full benefit of what this path has to offer. Seasonal re-evaluation (every 3 months) is ongoing to measure outcome.

Fee Structure & Packages


Initial Phone Consultation

25 min | complimentary

The last step of your New Patient Orientation. This preliminary phone meeting allows us to chat about what’s going on with you and what we can accomplish together.

To set up your call:

  • Email yourpath@osteopathyway.ca to activate your online booking account.
  • Book your Initial Phone Consultation online.
  • Complete the Patient Intake Package prior to your call.

Book Your Initial Phone Consultation

Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT)

Minimal Care

25 min| $60
  • This time interval is suited for tune-ups between longer treatments, or for patients who require very little treatment intervention.
  • A shorter session is adequate for children (12 and under).

Comprehensive Care

50 min| $100
  • This is the standard time interval for most patients allowing for on-going comprehensive care.
  • Used in the Investment Forecast.

Intensive Care

75 min | $150
  • This time interval is suitable for those who require a significant amount of soft tissue work, or for those with very high sympathetic tissue tone.
  • A longer session may only be a temporary requirement until sufficient structural shift has taken place.

Functional Movement Therapy (FMT)

Essential Care

25 min| $55
  • Best suited for those who want to focus on a few key things that will support their osteo-goals.

Absolute Care

50 min| $90
  • Best suited for those who want to focus on all key things that will support their osteo-goals.

Ultimate Care

75 min | $105
  • Best suited for those who love to learn and discover. FMT sessions are enhanced with a dose of OMT to optimize mind-body connection and integration.


Package plans are designed to keep you committed to your wellness journey.


New Patients| $400
  • 1-Month Term
  • 4 Comprehensive Care (OMT)
  • 1 Absolute Care (FMT)
  • 1 month Phone Support
  • Designed for us to get acquainted, and to establish momentum in a therapeutic cycle.
  • Aligns with Phase 1 of the Investment Forecast.


Limited Budgets| $600
  • 2-Month Term
  • 6 Comprehensive Care (OMT)
  • 1 Absolute Care (FMT)
  • 1 year Phone Support
  • An intensive course of care designed to point you in the direction of resolution. We educate you on how to best devote your time and efforts towards a better feeling-quality life.
  • Aligns with Phase 1 of the Investment Forecast.

Seasonal A

On The Path | $600
  • 3-Month Term
  • 6 Comprehensive Care (OMT)
  • 1 Absolute Care (FMT)
  • 3 months Phone Support
  • Designed for those who align with this modality of care and are actively on the path of feeling better more of the time.
  • Aligns with Phase 1 and 2 of the Investment Forecast.

Seasonal B

On The Path | $540
  • 3-Month Term
  • 6 Absolute Care (FMT)
  • 1 Minimal Care (OMT)
  • 3 months Phone Support
  • Designed for those who want to maximize the healing impact of their OMT sessions.

Phone Support

25 min | included in Package Plans only

Designed to:

  • answer questions that come up during treatment that require more discussion
  • re-cap on course of care (seasonal progress evaluation)
  • provide guidance on how to support treatment efforts through self-care prescription

Phone Consultations & Support are subject to a $50 late cancellation/ no show fee.
Osteopathic Manual Therapy fees are HST exempt.
Functional Movement Therapy fees include HST.

Payment Options

All scheduling and payments are processed through Jane App.

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The OW Report


Your wellness solutions explained



Hillary has made my body feel more aligned and balanced on my feet. I continue to see her to further improve my body movement. She has shown me how connected everything is in the human body and continues to make me go “hmmmmm” with the information she imparts during our sessions.

Thank you for everything you do Hillary!!






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