I first started seeing Hillary over a year ago – she helped me recover from a frozen shoulder within a few months rather than suffering the years that they said it could have taken to recover. This past year I ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck which she also helped me recover from. Aside from these injuries, she has made my body feel more aligned and balanced on my feet. I continue to see her to further improve my body movement. She has shown me how connected everything is in the human body and continues to make me go “hmmmmm” with the information she imparts during our sessions.

Thank you for everything you do Hillary!!


Since I have started seeing Hillary, I have had no more debilitating back issues.


I had chronic hip and knee pain that was affecting my mobility. I tried massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, laser therapy, you name it, with no relief. Hillary identified the problem and with her treatment, I am now pain free and back to playing racquet sports. I can’t believe the difference treatment has made in how I move and feel.


I full heartedly encourage anyone suffering with pain and/or postural problems and who are looking for some relief to experience osteopathic treatment. For years I was involved with chiropractic and massage treatments but found it to irritate me and put me into more pain at times, rather than give me the relief I needed.

After doing some research I found Hillary Kantorovich. She was very thorough in explaining what I needed to know and has proven to be very effective. Her treatments have helped me tremendously and she is lovely to work with.

Osteo is now something I feel I cannot live without – it is like putting my whole nervous system into a calm that my body needs to help repair. My body moves much better and the pain I was dealing with has significantly improved.

I highly recommend Hillary to anyone looking to improve their overall health.


I started receiving osteopathic treatment from Hillary sixteen months ago, and I am so pleased with the improvements in the way my body functions as a result. After trying many different types of treatment over the last decade for chronic muscle tension and headaches, I became interested in osteopathy because of its holistic approach to wellness. I started noticing improvements very quickly after I began working with Hillary, and continue to see positive changes over time. She is very knowledgeable and skilled within her field, and I highly recommend her practice to anybody looking to improve their overall health and well-being.


I came to Hillary with upper back pain only ever temporarily eased through massage and chiropractic care, and I have found that osteopathy has healed me in more ways than one. I came away from my first appointment thinking the movements and treatment were too gentle to have any effect. I was surprised to see how wrong I was! With almost every appointment I notice a soreness in a different area of my body as it straightens, strengthens and realigns itself. Aside from better posture and increased mobility, I have noticed a calmer emotional baseline as I process trauma previously locked up inside me. Hillary has the ability to both quietly treat me in a non-invasive calm environment as well as comfortably chat and knowledgeably inform me of interesting physiological changes occurring through my treatments at a level anyone can understand. My initial back pain is long gone, but I keep coming back to see how else my body can improve and repair itself!


I have been going to Hillary for years for osteo treatments, ever since she first began her practice. Osteopathy, is a slow manipulation of the body intended, as best I can explain it, to reduce and eliminate sources of tension in the body that compromise its ability to function at its best. It does that by gradually peeling away layers of tension slowly, revealing deeper tensions that are the core source of your body’s inability to function most effectively and can then be addressed. I have watched and felt as Hillary has gradually restored my mobility, flexibility, as well as solved long-standing lower back pain and neck pain. Parts of my anatomy that I thought would never loosen are now loose and fluid. At that same time, she has been a godsend whenever I have injured myself shovelling snow or lifting something the wrong way – she has been able to repair the damage quickly, when nothing else could touch it.

But the real test came a year ago when I fell and broke a bone in my foot. This injury put me in an air cast for 12 weeks. Not only was I facing trying to restore the strength in the leg and foot with the injury after 12 weeks of immobility, my whole body had been completely thrown out of alignment because of the way in which my body was off balance due to the height of the air cast. From my knees, through my hips and back, to my neck, my body ached because it was so badly twisted by the way the cast raised my right foot about two inches. In the process, too, my knees (which have always been badly aligned) had been seriously compromised. Once my foot was healed, Hillary started a very focused set of treatments to restore my body’s equilibrium – a year later, I am in better shape than I was before I broke my foot. She is a miracle-worker! She has kept me mobile and flexible, in a way I could never have imagined.


I can highly recommend Hillary for the many different ways her understanding of the body has helped me. I have gone to her with headaches, neck and back pain, sinus congestion, sciatica, carpel tunnel and other. What I have noticed in a BIG way is that my back issues are much less, even with a compressed fracture, and my knee issues have trickled down to almost non-existent.

I had injured my knee last year. I could not straighten my leg out fully and in a lot of pain. I was only able to take the stairs one step at a time. I “noticed” my knee all the time—day and night.

I did have minor surgery on my knee to remove scar tissue, but the pain and tightness remained. Hillary has literally helped me go from the above knee issues to the point that I can now run up and down the stairs and I rarely notice my knee.

Osteopathy has been an amazing tool in Hillary’s capable hands. I look over this list of things that I have been helped with by her and I am very thankful and truly amazed!


Hillary was suggested to me by a friend and I am ever so grateful for that suggestion. After trying other means for my back problems a few years ago, Hillary was the one who eventually fixed them. It is amazing to me how these subtle and gentle osteopathy adjustments can have such big impacts. I often went into Hillary’s place with a hurtful back and came out feeling loosened up and mobile without pain. I also learned the hard way to see her in regular intervals to keep my quality of life. Hillary is an amazing Osteopath!